Bison Courtyard
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6000 years ago: Bison Roam

100 years ago: The Crag Cabin

9 years ago: The Vision

One of the pleasures of being in a place is to imagine what it has been like over time.

If you visited Banff's Bear Street long, long ago, you might have encountered a bear. Or, run into a herd of bison grazing on a grassy meadow. We know bison were frequent visitors because two ancient bison skulls were unearthed during the Courtyard's construction.

In 1906, bison no longer wandered Bear Street, but they were the main topic of conversation. Norman Luxton used the Crag Cabin as base from which to lobby for a major wildlife preservation effort. He successfully convinced the Canadian government to buy Montana's Pablo-Allard bison herd, rather than see it scattered due to changing US laws.

Late in the 20 th century, conversation on Bear Street still centred on visionary thinking. This time, the dream was to create a welcoming place that reflects the best Banff has to offer - Bison Courtyard.